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Concrete polishing in the Northern Rivers and beyond


While concrete polishing has long been used in areas like industrial settings and garages, it has made a recent comeback for residential and commercial applications. There are so many benefits to having concrete floors, we provide polishing services to give your concrete slab or floor a whole new look. Whether you are building a new home and want to have a unique alternative to conventional carpeting and wood flooring, or you have a concrete slab you would like to keep as your flooring and are thinking of polishing it up, we can help you create the look you want.

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SR Concrete Polishing offers polishing services for virtually any setting. We can create a wide range of looks that will accommodate your home or business and can be done in a range of colours to reflect your personal style. Call today and we’ll be happy to come out and offer a free, no obligation quote on any of the services we provide.
Polished Concrete — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW

Concrete Polishing

Our concrete polishing will give you a high or medium shine finish on your concrete including floors and even kitchen bench tops. The concrete is ground and then can be dyed or textured to create any number of looks that will instantly update your ... Read more
Grind and Seal with Epoxy — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW


We provide concrete polishing services for residential settings including flooring, garages, bench tops and more. We’ll provide sleek and attractive finishes that can be kept natural or have dye added to achieve whatever colour you want.
Polished Concrete Corridor — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW


Polished concrete floors are common in commercial settings because they are highly durable and able to withstand the heavy foot traffic that is part of stores and other retail spaces. We are happy to provide grinding and polishing to finish or ... Read more
Polished Concrete Outside — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW


We provide concrete grinding and polishing for industrial locations. Concrete floors are so common in those applications because they are highly durable and capable of lasting even when put under extreme ... Read more
Concrete Grind — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW

Concrete Grinding & Leveling

With or without concrete polishing, we provide grinding and levelling to smooth out rough or uneven concrete to give it a smooth look. It also helps to remove imperfections that may have occurred during the pouring.
Epoxy Floor — Concrete Polishing in Boat Harbour, NSW

Epoxy Floors

Treating your floors with Epoxy provides superior durability that you won’t get from other coatings. It’s ideally suited for residential settings but is heavy-duty enough for even commercial or industrial locations.